registration fee 

After acceptance to a program volunteers are requested to pay an advance of $100US to secure their place in the volunteering program and cover administrative costs.

accommodation & transportation 

ARV will provide comfortable and affordable accommodation for volunteers with local Indian food, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, filtered water and local transportation at INR 3000/- per day ($50 US per day).

promote health & Sanitation

Health and sanitation conditions in many villages we serve are very primitive.  We are looking for volunteers with experience in promoting and implementing programs related to health and sanitation. ARV would arrange community meetings and the volunteer would perform demonstrations such as the use of first-aid kits and how to maintain proper hygiene in and around their houses as well as in the surrounding village.  

environmental awareness


ARV provides volunteer opportunities for individuals to assist poor villagers in rural locations near the city of Vijayawada.  These individual placements have flexible term lengths and scheduling. The volunteers will be able to assist the development of the villagers through: 

Building Hope Friendship and Communities

Contact our founder, Ravi Kumar via email:

volunteer term duration

The typical term for a volunteer in these areas is 1-2 weeks. If the volunteer wishes to continue assisting after 1-2 weeks, a simple assessment of the volunteer’s efforts will be conducted.  If the results are positive a further work term will be negotiated.

During their term, volunteers can help in the following ways: 

teaching english
  • Teaching English at ARV education centers for  children ages 6 -15;
  • Promoting enhanced health and sanitation practices by speaking at community meetings with an ARV translator;
  • Creating awareness of environmental issues by educating villagers on composting, creation of community gardens and recycling;
  • Or any other project in which volunteers have expertise, and wish to share with communities for their development.

Association of

Relief Volunteers

Dalit and tribals are unaware of the benefits of community and kitchen gardens and the composting of organic waste. As a result potentially productive land goes unused and villages miss out on the extra income from natural fertilizers. We are seeking volunteers who can motivate and instruct villagers in the basics of recycling and food plant cultivation. Volunteers would help in planting seeds, demonstrating the proper care of gardens and how to start and maintain a compost.  

English is taught at all schools in India after the third grade. However, the instruction is basic, of poor quality and offered by teachers whose first language is not English. ARV offers after school education centers which are free to all poor children in a village. We can place volunteers interested in education at one of these centers to support the children’s English education. This does not require a background in education, just a good command of English and a willingness to work with children.  

Volunteers will have an intense cultural experience while learning about India’s caste, marriage, and other cultural practices of the area. Through their efforts, the volunteers will realize a deep understanding of the perilous existence that these vulnerable groups experience.  The living situation of the rural Dalits (Untouchables) and Tribals is dire. Even though they are the poorest people in India however, the Dalits and tribals simple joys will enrich the lives of the volunteers.